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Sample banner

Banners provide a temporary pop-up at the top of the screen that automatically dismiss after five seconds. Banners usually include an app's name, primary message, details, and a response callback upon clicking 'Respond'.


ASNotificationBanner(applet=None, message, withDetails, responseCallback=Return('didClickRespond'))


  • applet: (Optional) The app object to pass in. If None, the app icon and bundle name on the top will display as "Unknown Bundle".
  • message: (Required) The main message or sender.
  • withDetails: (Required) The details of the message.
  • responseCallback (Optional) The action to run upon clicking "Respond".


  • If the notification times out and dismisses, the banner will return 'notificationTimedOut'.
  • If the notification's response callback is left as the default, the banner will return 'didClickRespond' when clicking the "Respond" button.


Banners are intended for temporary actions that can be ignored, if possible. Keep these guidelines in mind when using banners:

  • Refrain from overloading banners. This can be visually distracting and may annoy the user.
  • Keep the message and details short. Banners are intended for a quick glance or something that doesn't require a lot of attention.
  • Don't force the user to interact with the banner. Banners shouldn't require the user to perform an action.